How to get your App listed on AppSales

Information for App Developers

Our Goal

Our goal is to inform our users about the best paid apps that are currently on sale or temporarily free on Google Play.

Basic requirements

Apps have to meet our basic requirements in order to be listed in our “Active Sales” and “Now Free” section to ensure a good experience for our users.

  • Price reduction higher than 25%
  • More than 100 downloads
  • Good rating (>3.5 stars)
  • Stable price history

Discounts using the Google Play “sales for paid apps” features are prefered over simple price changes and might become mandatory in the future.

If your app has not been listed despite matching our basic criteria then simply use our in-app "report wrong price" functionality so we can update the price and add it to our system. If your app is not available in our system then with a link to your app before reducing the price.

Featured Sales / Highlights

The best sales from the last ~24 hours are highlighted in our “Highlights” list. Our users are notified via push notification once new highlights are available.

Highlighted sales are getting a lot more clicks due to the increased visibility and also added details (Screenshots, description) that help our users make a purchase decision.

Since only a handful of apps are selected we have a much higher quality standard for apps to be featured in our highlighted section. We don't use a fixed set of requirements and we can’t guarantee that a app will get featured since our decision affected by the current set of other discounted apps that are also available.


Things that will increase your chance of getting featured:

  • Popular among our user-base
  • Very good rating
  • Discounted worldwide
  • Modern and polished design
  • Aimed at broad and global audience
  • English as fallback / default language on the Play Store
  • Rarely on sale

Both basic and highlight requirements are subject to change and we’ll also reserve the right to remove apps that don’t meet our quality standards.